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Tier 1's founding member has more than 15 years experience in assessment collections for community associations throughout California. It's no question that the landscape of assessment collection in California has drastically changed over the last decade, and we take pride in being at the forefront in implementing these changes to our assessment collection procedure and processes. We work closely with both industry attorneys and community managers to make sure we maintain strict adherence to current codes and regulatory mandates. 


Assessment collection in California is heavily regulated, and for good reason. It is for this reason why it is so important for community associations to use a vendor who is well versed in assessment collections. Strict compliance with the Davis-Stirling Act, the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is not only a good idea, but is a requirement if a community association wants to limit its liability often overlooked by other assessment collection outfits. 


Tier 1 offers top tier assessment collection services through its years of experience and dedication to education within the industry. Assessment collection for community associations is what we do, so you can be assured that your community is in good hands we're on your side. 

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Our Quality Guarantee

We don’t want to give you the type of service you can get anywhere, we want to provide you with true value that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else. With a core philosophy rooted in integrity, honesty and professionalism, we’re proud of the success that we’ve helped our clients achieve, as well as the prestigious designations we have achieved.

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